Microbiota, symbiosis & individuality: conceptual & philosophical issues 1st - 5th July, 2019

Immunology Symbiosis Biology Microbiota Individuality Philosophy of science Health Innovation Research Development Expertise Interdisciplinary Medecine

Microbiota, symbiosis & individuality: conceptual & philosophical issues

In a nutshell...

This interdisciplinary summer school is open to graduate students, doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers from the fields of philosophy, biology, or medicine. Participants will learn and debate how the microbiome shapes the development, health and behavior of the host, and how this changes the definition of individuality.

Internationally renowned philosophers of science as well as scientists from the fields of immunology, developmental biology and the microbiome will present their research, and be available for discussions with participants throughout the entire course.

This summer school is a unique opportunity to develop new interdisciplinary approaches that will help participants throughout their career. Course content will not only focus on microbiota, symbiosis and individuality, but will also allow participants to gain new perspectives on their own research subjects.